Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SLPs: Have you tried TPT?

As an SLP I have been excited to see the increase in the amount of SLPs sharing their therapy materials on the Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) website. I have downloaded lots of freebies but just only browsed the "pay" items. With all the free stuff why pay to download anything right? Boy was I wrong! I finally took the plunge and decided to actually pay for some materials. I feel like I hit the jackpot. My $4.00 that I invested was totally worth it and I will have these materials for years! So, fellow SLPs, read on, pull out your laminator, file folders, plastic baggies, scissors, and cardstock. Get ready to download, print, and make some cheap, adorable, and everlasting therapy materials. Tip for printing things from TPT: Actually read the directions on how many of each page you should print. I forgot to do that! Okay, now lets get to the good stuff.

I decided to start with one of my very favorite SLP blogger's, Jenna Rayburn's, TPT store. At her store, I browsed and browsed and finally decided on my first purchase. I chose to buy her Winter Receptive Language: Speech Therapy digital download. This digital download came with 4 separate games. I will give you a brief description of each since she already has the descriptions available at her store.

Game 1. Ski Trip: Following Directions had more than enough cards for a session ranging from very basic directions, conditional directions, to two-step directions temporal directions. She also includes some "special" cards to make playing a game with these cards more fun. I love that I could use the title sheet on a file folder to make it look like a real board game for my kiddos. It included the game directions as well. I stapled the sides of the file folder to make a pouch that holds everything. This game also came with two place holder cards. All the items were printed on cardstock, laminated, and the cards were held in a plastic baggie. 

Game 2: Penguin: Answering WH Questions. This game is pretty self explanatory. It contains a visual for types of WH question words which is a great bonus and has lots of "special cards" and even blank cards. I use the blank cards to ask personal questions. 

The graphics are just so cute!

Game 3: Hot Chocolate: Comprehension. This game includes some well written winter related paragraphs, some adorable special cards, five task cards, and two place holder cards. The instructions are also included. 

Game 4: Artic Animals: Sequencing. This game has all of the same awesome features. The cards have a topic and 4 steps to sequence. 

Ugh, I just love everything about this set of games! $4.00? That is $1.00 a game. I know how long these things take to make too. Just think, if you invested $10.00 a month to new therapy materials on TPT you could have an amazing collection in no time. I will continue to shop here. Now that I know it is worth it I'm hooked. I hope you guys check out Teachers Pay Teachers and get some inspiration!



  1. Aw thanks for posting Lacey! So glad you saw the value in it!

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