Monday, October 8, 2012

Introducing & Teaching the Concepts "Before" & "After"

"Before" and "after" always seem to be difficult temporal concepts for children to learn. I created these sheets, using Boardmaker for the graphics, to make learning these concepts easier. I chose events that children know the natural order of to teach these concepts. You can read the sentences to the child, all meaning the same thing but with different syntax,  and have him/her point to which set they think the sentence means. So, does that sentence mean that dessert is first and dinner is second or is dinner first with dessert second. All of the answers should be row 1! After the child gets in the groove with practicing this way they can move on to practicing the concepts "before" and "after" with items that could be done in any order.

I have really found a lot of success with helping my speech kiddos link their prior knowledge of the order of things to these two otherwise arbitrary words.  Stay tuned for our next post which will contain cards for the next level of practicing "before" and "after."




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